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When we testify to all that God has done and is doing for us, it not only lifts those who experience our testimony but also builds our faith. Boldly professing who God is in your life opens you to a deeper relationship with Him. The more we talk about Jesus, the more we set our minds and hearts on Him. We walk closer in His righteousness and the brighter we shine His light. We live, love, and worship, louder! We change, and those around us change.... 

Amanda shares the thoughts she had before her baptism, and how she decided to follow Jesus.
God is growing my understanding of my mission in Christ through the Youth of Young Templar. They help me more than I can express in words.
My path is clear, my mission is set. I walk with my fellow young adult leaders, training up the next generation of leaders in Christ! I fight the Good fight.
This wonderful 13 year old girl is so brave and wise to understand how testifying to the power of Christ Jesus in her life can not only help her heal but also help others. She has been through so much and is growing every day. She joined the Young Templar movement and is truly finding out that a real relationship with Jesus is not just words.

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