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Support Our Mission

We are the Body of the Christ Jesus. His hands and feet. Training up generations of youth to lead the world in God's Will is certainly a big task. Youth Ministry is typically the smallest budget of the church, yet one of the most important areas for the future of the church. Three ways we need your help:


Prayer Support

We believe next to God, nothing is more powerful than Prayer. Please pray for this mission. Pray for provision, for the teens to move closer and closer into relationship with Jesus, to hear Him speak and act in obedience, and that this ministry reaches all that God puts in front of it. 

Serve Support

We are always in need of young adults, parents, pastors and youth leaders to teach and lead this movement of teenagers. Both online and live, there are many ways to serve within this mission. If you feel God speaking to you about this, please reach out to us.

Financial Support

This is what we are most uncomfortable with, asking for money. While we can not serve two masters, it takes money to do anything. God has so many plans for this mission. We plan on producing documentaries and sitcomms to post on this online community in an effort to have teens here instead of watching the television. From retreats to full mission trips, the cost of reaching, teaching, and walking with teenagers into a realtionship with Jesus (while making it fun) is not an obstacle. It is an opportunity for God to show His Love. 

God has shown us our own physical building. We are to be open every night for teens to have a place to connect with God and each other, instead of the world. There will be many functions in this building, including church on Sundays (we'll sometimes let adults in). This will be the first of many buildings that God will plant in the United States and all over the world. You can see what we are up against financially.


Please support the next generation of leaders. To the IRS, we are a religious organization. Any donation is 100% tax deductible and appreciated more that you know.

If God speaks to you to support us financially, no matter how small or large, Thank You. You can give a one time donation, or contribute a monthly tithe, using the secure link below.




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